Mission of the HNCIG

The Head and Neck Intergroup aims to promote and conduct high quality clinical trials in order to improve outcomes in patients with head and neck cancers. We achieve this through international collaboration, a strong sense of common purpose, shared expertise, and mutual respect among members.

Goals of the Intergroup

  • Promote international cooperation
  • Promote clinical research
  • Perform studies in rare tumors
  • Harmonize the technical aspects of radiation delivery
  • Develop a credentialing process for novel radiation and surgical approaches
  • Promote translational research
  • Stimulate evidence-based medicine
  • Support educational activities

Clinical Trials

HNCIG clinical trials involve two or more member organizations and bear a unique HNCIG number in addition to other naming conventions.


Cooperative groups and large sites active in head and neck cancer clinical trials constitute the membership of the HNCIG.

Joining the HNCIG

The HNCIG was created as a forum for groups and large sites that contribute to phase II/III or phase III clinical trials in head and neck cancer, or which perform meta-analyses of these trials. If your group or site is interested in joining this effort, please send an email to secretariathnc@intergroup.info.


Generally, the HNCIG alternates face-to-face board meetings alongside ICHNO and the Multidisciplinary Head  Neck Cancer Symposium, but may meet alongside other widely attended meetings. All meetings also allow for dial-in participation for members not physically present. In addition to the board, the group has a number of committees, which meet independently.

Meeting of the HNCIG in Barcelona, March 2017.
Meeting of the HNCIG in Barcelona, March 2017.


All records of the group are archived on this website including governance statutes and minutes and appended material for all board and committee meetings.